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What happens before my operation?

Jane or Hilary will happily guide you through the process without any stress.


Before the operation we will ensure all your details such as your medicare number, private health fund details, and contact information are correct.


We will then get you to complete a voice check questionnaire (VHI) to make sure there is no pre-existing problem with the vocal cord nerves.


We will make sure you have had recent blood tests (and a cardiogram if you are over 60 yrs of age) and will arrange for them to be done if not available.


Your medications will be checked and you will be advised of any medications, vitamins,  anti-inflammatory medications, or herbal medicines that need to stopped before surgery to avoid the risk of bleeding.


You will then be given the hospital pack containing information about online booking your hospital admission. This is a straightforward process but may take some time as will you need to enter all your personal relevant details and medical history.


You will need to complete a number of consent forms relating to the operation, data storage, and any relevant research studies.


You will have a series of neck exercises explained to you which need to be done both before and after surgery.


The hospital will contact you the day before your operation to confirm your admission time, fasting time and any other relevant details for your admission.


You will be seen by your anaesthetist, assistant surgeon and by professor Delbridge in the operating theatre prior to surgery for a final review and check. Please note you are also given Professor Delbridge's direct email which is very helpful if you have any questions at all before your surgery.


Immediately after surgery a full operation report with post–op instructions as well as your follow-up appointment will be emailed to your nominated email address explaining what happened at the operation as well as a photo of the operation.

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