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  • if you have health insurance then your Health fund will cover the hospital and theatre charges other than any excess on your policy

  • there may be a further “gap” payable for any medical fees including the surgeon, assistant surgeon, anaesthetist and pathologist. These are generally set in between the level recommended by the AMA and the Medicare Schedule of fees - for an estimate of costs please email the office

  • for pensioners, health professional, and patients who would have difficulty meeting the “gap” for  financial reasons, direct billing of your health fund is available - for more information please email  the office 

  • if you do not have health insurance you will have to pay for the hospital stay/ theatre charges and for 25% of the medical costs – for an estimate of costs please email the office

  • there is no waiting list for private hospitals and your surgery will be performed by Professor Delbridge


  • Professor Delbridge no longer performs surgery himself within the public hospital system. Patients without health insurance are still welcome to be seen in consultation after referral from your GP and if surgery is required, the options of liaising with the team  at the Endocrine Surgical Unit,  Royal North Shore Hospital, or electing to have the surgery performed by Professor Delbridge self funded in a private hospital can be discussed.​



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