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Professor Delbridge has published over 300 research papers or book chapters in the area of parathyroid surgery, thyroid surgery or related endocrinology topics.




Some of the more recent research topics are highlighted below.

New technique to find abnormal parathyroid glands


Professor Delbridge and his team have just published new research on a new technique to enable surgeons to localise abnormal parathyroid glands before surgery. The technique called 4DCT is much more accurate than the old techniques and allows the surgeon to perform a minimally invasive parathyroidectomy for most patients with hyperparathyroidism.




Reducing hypothyroidism by minimally invasive nodule excision


It has been a long-standing surgical tenet that the minimum surgical procedure for a single thyroid nodule is to remove half the thyroid but this increases the risk of post-operative hypothyroidism with patients becoming medication dependent for life. Thermal sealing devices have enabled local nodule excision to be undertaken safely with preservation of more residual thyroid mass. This study of  study 351 patients having a thyroid nodule removed shoed that, after minimally invasive nodulectomy, post-operative hypothyroidism was less than one quarter (5.3%) of that following  a thyroidlobectomy overall (22.1%). As such, the procedure should be considered for appropriately selected patients.


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